Life Coaching

Girl Hiking in Mountains

Powerfully align your intentions and actions with your life's purpose. Be in the presence of your own genius: get unstuck and out of overwhelm, shift bad habits to healthy practices, and create a life you love.

“Over the past 20 years I have been in the company of some of the most ‘popular’ transformational teachers, leaders and coaches of our time.  One thing I know for sure is that being a teacher, a leader, a coach is not something that is merely learned.  The people who have truly transformed my life are the ones who have a heart of love that is boundless and ever present.  They embrace compassion as though it is their oxygen.  They are not only a teacher but also a student . . . truly.  They not only lead, they also listen to what is needed.  They not only coach, but they remind you of what you have forgotten.  Tom Feldman is this teacher, leader and coach.  I am with head to heart grateful to be one of Tom’s students.  He offered me his hand and helped me to pull myself up to higher ground.  Thank you, Tom.”


- Gail E. Miller, Workshop Leader

Couples Coaching

Happy Senior Couple

Focus on cultivating your intimate relationship with transparency, open communications, vulnerability, skill and deepening levels of affection and warmth. 

"Tom is truly a master!  I am in his coaching program for the second year.  This is personal and deep transformation work one-on-one.  I wanted to find someone who would guide me into transforming my relationship with men and my relationship with my daughter.  Both have utterly transformed.  My relationship with men has shifted from one of unconscious submission and paralysis; being hostage to my old feeling and thoughts, to one of spacious power where I live from my vision and come from my strengths into my relationships.  My relationship with my daughter has transformed from being one of utter reactivity and misery to one of dignity and deep relationship.  I've learned to feel into my own strengths . . . I am so grateful."


- Liana Chaouli, President Image Therapists International 

Engagement Coaching

A conscious engagement is a commitment to a life long relationship with your partner. Successful, loving and healthy long-term relationships require us to grow, change and co-create together. Engagement coaching grounds you and your partner in a loving

high quality, long-lasting future which informs your present actions.  

"Tom Feldman practices what he teaches. Over the past two decades, alongside all his accomplishments as a loving husband, farther, and Emmy-award winning artist, he has created and has been perfecting in his own life and those around him a remarkable transformative array of processes, of which Engagement work is a central piece. I myself have taken up some of this work, and results were quick, powerful, and ongoing. I cannot recommend Tom and his teachings strongly enough – for their effectiveness, depth, uniqueness and integrity.”


 - Michael Schwartz, PhD Columbia University, Professor of the History and Philosophy of Art, Augusta State University, Art and Aesthetics Editor at

Business Coaching

Successful Work Team

Get powerfully centered in your life's purpose and generate powerful results, regardless of your job.  

"Before I worked with Tom Feldman, I thought executive coaches mainly provided people with 'motivation'. I have never lacked motivation so the notion of hiring a human reminder system to provide motivation and instill a sense of accountability for staying 'on time on task' was not on my 'to do' list. Thankfully what Tom did for me and my project was much, much more, more deep, more meaningful and generated more significant results.


He entered into a learning dialogue with me that encompassed leadership skills, calling people up to their higher selves, holding others on the team accountable, and forecasting and handling the types of tropical hurricanes that every important high-risk, high-impact project has—and these are the very skill-sets that matter when the moment is large and the task overwhelming. More than this, Tom provided a sense of possibility and impressed upon me the importance of holding the vision and the possibility of the moment close to my heart and mind. I would recommend Tom to anyone with a vision, a project, and a goal that matters." 


- Lorraine Johnson, CEO