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Learn how to orient yourself to a vision of your lives together, a life-long commitment informed by a future which calls you to be.

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"Tom Feldman is a good man. He is decent and honest and committed to people's growth and to the planet's evolution. I've known him for years and he is consistent in his integrity of purpose. I trust him completely. I recommend his work whole-heartedly. If you want to find your purpose, your passion, your life at it's next stage, then I invite you to do this course. You'll thank yourself afterward."

- Martin Rutte co-author New York Times Business bestseller Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work President, Livelihood, a management consulting company Founder Project Heaven on Earth


Business Coaching

Get powerfully centered in your life's purpose, take actions consistent with your intention and generate powerful results.


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Couples Coaching

Focus on cultivating a relationship with transparency, open communications, vulnerability, increased relationship skills and deepening levels of intimacy.


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Engagement Coaching

A conscious engagement is a commitment to a life long relationship with your lover.  Successful, loving and healthy long-term relationships require us to grow, change and co-create together. Engagement coaching grounds you and your mate in a loving

high quality, long-lasting future which informs your present actions.  

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Life Coaching

Discover and align your intentions and actions with your genius, your purpose in life:  get unstuck and out of overwhelm, shift bad habits to healthy practices, create a life you love.

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“My business partner and I engaged Tom in order to take our business relationship (and our own personal transformation) to the next level. Tom helped me to have more useful and constructive conversations - not only with my business partner, but also with other important people in my life, including myself. I found myself setting better boundaries, and making commitments that came from a sense of purpose, vision and passion rather than duty or obligation. The skills I acquired through our time together were more valuable than I could have possibly imagined. “

- Carol Cole-Lewis, Business Partner

The Future Workshop was transformative. Tom’s masterful approach coaxed out of me in one day the essence of who I am and why I’m on this planet at this time. Words cannot express my gratitude.

-Tim Wilbur, Investment Counselor

You know the easy calm and groundedness that come when you realize deep in your bones what you're here to do? And the sweet relief you experience when you finally honor your calling by giving it voice? Neither did I until The Future Workshop. Tom's work is a gift and my gratitude is eons deep.

-Julia Suh, Yoga Teacher



Tom Feldman studied transformation with such luminaries as Dr. Fernando Flores, Jerome Downs and Tracy Goss before designing a workshop on Conscious Engagement for himself and his wife.  As of this writing, they've been together thirty-seven years and have a grown daughter.  Tom is a founding member of The Association of Transformational Leaders of Southern California, was Board Chair of The Forge Institute for six years, an International Organization promoting Transtraditional Spiritual Wisdom.  "One Truth, many paths", served in a think tank for three years on the intersection of gender and spirituality, received a Master's degree in Global Studies - the study of cultures and cultural differences - from Immaculate Heart College Center and a BA in Social-Psychology from The University of Denver.  He produced a video on Dr. Don Beck founder of Spiral Dynamics Integral a system of developmental psychology which traces the stage development of worldviews and values in individuals and cultures, a reinterpretation of the work of the developmentalist, Claire Graves.  He's been a Professor of Communications at Woodbury University where he taught Family Communication and Attachment theory.  Professor Feldman lives with his wife Bev in Los Angeles. 

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"Tom has been recognized as Top Life Coach by Coach foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry."


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